Tender touch

€ 49.00

Choose size of Yoni egg - L, M, S.

Length of the decorative string part: 13 cm

Used gemstones:  black obsidian, ruby jade,  chrysocolla, rose quartz,  ruby in zoisite, silver.

The end of the Yoni egg is decorated by a hand-made ring/node/horizontal 8 made of silver with purity, title of 925/1000. Choose the end part.

I create the Yoni eggs Armin in that way so they are fully suitable and useful for both – like for the beginners so for the advanced. Part of every package is a detailed manual for exercising, cleaning and care about the egg. The eggs are packed in a luxury leather purse with the Armin logo, which was hand-sewn in a small family manufactory. An elegant clip is fixed to the purse to hang on the egg, which can be used as exercising weight for the advanced. The advantage is that after buying one product you can progressively increase the exercising intensity in accordance with your skills and you don’t need to buy additional products. Every package includes a manual for beginners and advanced as well.  

Every package includes also lavender ethereal oil, which will after exercising nicely odorize your egg, plus a spare hanging string as well. Every single stone is secured by a kinking technique. In case of damage the stones will remain on the string and don’t get lost.


In my work I exert effort to use various jewellery techniques and combine different materials as gemstones, precious metals and leather. I try to inspire the tantric tools (Yoni eggs etc.) with a hallmark of a precious jewel which represents to its owner real value and uses it with pleasure. I gladly customize every single Yoni egg in accordance with the clients requirements so it can carry value and a message familiar just to her/him and her/his partner. It can take a form of the owner initials, a stamped lettering, date, name etc. Or a symbol like a heart, horizontal eight, knot, or what will appear in your mind. It can be a ideal present for your partner.  


The Yoni egg is an ideal tool for reinforcement of the pelvic floor muscles, an ideal tool for Kegel exercises. It is an ideal prevention against the incontinency or a solution for the already existing problem.

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