Ako vybrať správnu veľkosť?

How to choose the appropriate size?

The beauty of a woman can take on an unbelievably lot of different forms, shapes, sizes, that change with time. There is no universal size for every woman. For satisfaction and comfort the yoni eggs come in three sizes. The best way how to figure out which yoni egg is the most suitable for me is to use more than one size of the egg. Sometimes it´s good to use different egg sizes during the same time period. You will achieve the maximum comfort and pleasure while strengthening your intimate muscles in this way. The decorative string part stimulates the acupressure points at the vagina walls which brings health benefits and extraordinary joy and pleasure.    

Here some hints how to choose the right size.


If you have given birth choose the size L.

If you got incontinency issues choose the size L.

If you barely feel your partner during the intercourse inside, choose L.  

If you are a very small woman, choose M or S.

If you don´t have children choose S or M.

If you have experience with kegel exercises, choose S.

If you feel pain during the intercourse, suffer from vaginismus or vestibulitis, choose S.

If you got experience with yoni eggs already, than you know already what is the most suitable for you.