I'm a human. A creative being who loves the transformation of matter. Whatever! That's why I enjoy having fun of creation.

I was born to live and enjoy the life. I love life with all the beauties. I have eyes that see only wonderful things everywhere.

I was born to be wild! I love to fight and I am fighting like a bull.

 I hope that once I will became a good fighter.

I love to make love and to be loved. The fight and sex have a common animal energy.

The change is the constant move forward. Stopping means for me death!

Watching evil with love as a learning opportunity, make fun of the fear! Bravely walking forward, no matter where...

Be silent when others say empty words. Keep away from other people's opinions.

I'm crazy, I am cheerful, I'm weird, I'm kind, I'm opened, sometimes afraid, I cannot pretend anything, That´s me!

I'm proud of what I am! The woman with thousand contrasts!

I want to help women understand that   they are so beautiful and unique! Their love will make the world a better place to live in.

I want to be a better person every day. I want to help! Be unselfish. Have the interest about the people who need it! Help without expecting something back.

I want to listen to the advice of old people, who nobody listen to anymore,  and take something from them!

Live the life, stop complaining, and not only waiting for the Death!

Give Life! To love and be loved without conditions.

Be happy!

And live!

That´s me!