Thank you for paying a visit to my shop. The Armin brand mark was named after my great-grandfather. The meaning of the name Armin is a warrior and that describes my life as well. 

Why Corvinus? Return to roots.
My family originally comes from the Armenian royal family, which shows my family name. The meaning of this name is a crow / raven. The well known King Matthias Corvinus came from this family. This is evidenced by historical family documents. The meaning of the name Corvinus also means crow / raven. My ancestors were very successful and good fighters against the Turks. Finally, their martial successes were transferred to the last surviving coat of arms. That's why Corvinus and the raven in the logo.

I´m doing martial arts since my childhood and along with them I started to get involved into the tantric teaching and tools. This form of teaching helped me to further develop my sexuality, especially in the way that I became aware of my own female force and self-esteem. The issue of self-love was previously very problematic for me. During the period of solitude and usage of tantric erotic tools (Yoni eggs) I realised that I´m able to give so much love to myself, that I´m a lover and partner to myself and can charge me with energy. I gave up the idea of searching love in the outer world and figured out the undying love inside of me. I experienced the true value of self-love. And because love attracts love, I attracted a partner to my life, an equally thinking partner, who is worth of my love and worth of that I am the mother of his children. And I´m grateful for that!  

From martial arts to jewellery

Maybe you know it. I was practicing martial arts for my whole life thinking that I will stick to them until I die, or at least until I will be physically able. But the human intends – and life changes! Under the pressure of circumstances I made the decision to leave the martial art of Wing Tsun – a kung fu style and my old love. I needed to fill the empty space in my heart with another activity which I would love. It took a long time but life drifted me from the martial arts to jewellery manufacture. I started to study at a jewellery school for a jeweller and I´m still studying gemmology at the University. Year 2016 was the year when I started to devote myself to the manufacture of tantric erotic tools. As Mantak Chia presents in his book “Exercise with the Yoni egg is the kung fu for the reproducing organs”. So I didn´t got so far away from kung fu. In my work I exert effort to use various jewellery techniques and combine different materials as gemstones, precious metals and leather. I try to inspire the tantric tools (Yoni eggs etc.) with a hallmark of a precious jewel which represents to its owner real value and uses it with pleasure.